Worldwide program with the most objective selection of players through software that analyzes and improve the football skills of each player

What is
ProFútbolAnalytics? up to 80% success rate in placing players in clubs

ProFútbolAnalytics provides a wide database of up to 250,000 players who, thanks to the program by analyzing their performance, give each coach the opportunity to find the player he is looking for for his club. Each player will find a job, as each club in different league leagues and countries has different requirements
5 levels of our validation and verification will give the certainty of the right choice.

Thanks to a comparison with an extensive football database, ProFútbolAnalytics can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of players, assess their improvement and identify the potential for individual training.

The program is based on 6 tests of physical abilities, which are crucial for football, and 4 tests of the most important football skills, as well as on the personal examination of the player and in the highest level of validation is his participation in our camp

10 physical & technical football tests
Comparison with 250 000 players internationally
Motivation to improve
Training recommendations

Over 600 clubs & academies use ProFútbolAnalytics

Maximum number of players 20+ 100+ 300
Price (€) 1000 2000 9000
Price per test (1 player) 50 40 30
Physicall Skills Reports Yes Yes Yes
Technical Skills Reports Yes Yes Yes
ProFutbolAnalytics Testing Guide & videos Yes Yes Yes
Online & Oncall support Yes Yes Yes
Club report No Yes Yes
Logos of club sponzors on reports No Yes Yes
Workshop - Train the coaches No No Yes

*For projects with more than 300 players tested (big clubs, academies, associations ), please ask for an individual price offer.


ProFútbolAnalytics is designed for football clubs / football camps / football academies / football associations that want to decide based on analyses and objective data and thus make their training methods more effective.

For players

Identification of strengths and weaknesses of each player together with areas for individual training.

For coaches and managers

Information based on analytical data assessing physical and technical capabilities of players, and their progress; a foundation for design of individual training plans.
Thanks to the program, you can select a proven player in different levels

For clubs and associations

We help develop players by comparing the level of physical and technical skills
between categories and clubs. Monitoring the improvement of players / clubs, the possibility of working with data for advanced

Upcoming events For Soccer Analytics

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Event type
GABON RECRUTEMENT DE TALENTS 3 ÉTAPES 10. 09. 2021 4000/2145 Recruitment
CAMEROUN RECRUTEMENT DE TALENTS 3 ÉTAPES 10. 09. 2021 4000/2820 Recruitment
GUINEA República de Guinea Ecuatorial TALENT RECRUITMENT 10. 02. 2022 4000/3999 Recruitment

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